I’M Alaa Chreide.

Holistic Wellness Coach with Nutrition Focus

About Me

My Story

When my son, Adam, was born, he was always coughing, and all the doctors thought he had Asthma, but I didn't accept the diagnosis. After visiting many doctors, we came to know that he is Gluten intolerant.

Shortly after that, I had a brain injury; which could be as a result of a stroke. The main lesson I took away from this experience is that if I didn't take care of myself, I won't be able to take care of my family, career or life. Therefore, I decided to open this business to help women prioritize themselves, so they can take care of other people or things in their life.

My Credentials

I have a Masters in HR with 13+ years experience in different roles in HR such as recruiter, HR Manager and HR Program Manager in international companies. Now, I am a full time Health Coach who have helped more than 25 women transform their lives.

I have achieved my Health and Life Coach certification from Health Coach Institute in 2020. Besides, I became a certified Nutrition Specialist from Fitness Mentors School in 2023.


"When I started Total Transformation Program, I

couldn’t look in the mirror at myself. I wanted to loose

the 10KGs so badly. I had no confidence in my self


"Now...I feel more

comfortable in my skin and more confident. I eat in a healthier way, and have many healthy habits. I have gained a lot by loving how I look no matter what!"

"I used to be so addicted to sugar, that I thought I would never be able to live without it.

When I enrolled in the Total Transformation Program, I was

able to quit sugar! I have lost all my extra KGs in 4 weeks only!

Also, now I exercise regularly, increased my water intake, and have quality time with my family."

"Total Transformation Program

helped me lose 5 KGs, and enhance my eating habits.

Now, I wake up energetic. I am very satisfied with myself now and I feel comfortable in my skin."

Nutrition Coaching Resources

Your Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Food

Are you ready to unlock the door to vibrant health and well-being? I'm thrilled to introduce you to my guide to Anti-inflammatory Food, a comprehensive roadmap designed to empower women on their journey towards vitality through an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

7-day Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

Inside the 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book, you'll find a treasure trove of mouthwatering dishes crafted to nurture and balance your hormones naturally. From nutrient-packed breakfast bowls to satisfying dinners and guilt-free snacks these recipes are not just about taste; they're about reclaiming your vitality and finding balance.

7-day Low Carb Diet Recipe Book

In the 7-day Low Carb, you'll uncover a culinary journey packed with mouthwatering recipes crafted to harmonize your blood sugar levels without compromising on taste. From revitalizing breakfast choices to savory main courses and guilt-free treats, these recipes are a celebration of health and flavor.

Say goodbye to boring workouts and tasteless diets. My approach is all about having fun while getting results.

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