I’M Alaa Chreide.

Holistic Wellness Coach with Nutrition Focus


"It has been a very eye-opening and introspective journey with Alaa over the 3 month transformational course. Alaa is very understanding, supportive and knowledgeable, adapting to each of our needs and opportunities. Alaa made the movement from a high sugar to a low sugar healthy eating lifestyle very easy, fun and empowering. I have picked up lots of different knowledge along the way and it really does feel like the start of the next chapter of a more energetic and healthy life. Thank you Alaa, you are wonderful and I really appreciate you."

"Total Transformation Program helped me lose 5 KGs, and enhance my eating habits. Now, I wake up energetic. I am very satisfied with myself now and I feel comfortable in my skin."

"When I started Total Transformation Program, I

couldn’t look in the mirror at myself. I wanted to loose

the 10KGs so badly. I had no confidence in my self


"Now...I feel more

comfortable in my skin and more confident. I eat in a healthier way, and have many healthy habits. I have gained a lot by loving how I look no matter what!"

"I used to be so addicted to sugar, that I thought I would never be able to live without it.

When I enrolled in the Total Transformation Program, I was

able to quit sugar! I have lost all my extra KGs in 4 weeks only!

Also, now I exercise regularly, increased my water intake, and have quality time with my family."

"I honor Alaa and I follow her example.

I had big issues with my glucose, cortisol along with my very poor digestion. I always used to feel bloated and to have sudden energy spikes followed by sudden energy crashes.

Alaa helped me to learn new habits: taught me to eat healthy, to reconnect to myself, how to sleep better and most importantly how to slow down from the go go pace I used to have, and to pace to understand what my body really needs. She build me up from zero and was near me day by day the full process: guiding me and encouraging me to believe in myself and in the new habits I was adopting and recommending me and teaching me amazing stress relief meditation techniques. My participation to this program was the best thing that ever happened to me because I was really struggling losing weight with various diets for so so so many years. Thank you Alaa for guiding me with so much kindness and for helping me to get back on track. I have lost 10 kg in only 3 months, lowered down my cortisol and glucose level and cured my digestion problems only by eating the magic healthy meals she taught me about combined with the meditation she taught me and the gym workouts suggested by her. None of this wouldn't have happened without her. She is honestly the best, I appreciate her for all her dedication and for helping us to build healthy habits that are easy to follow and sustainable long term."

Nutrition Coaching Resources

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7-day Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

Inside the 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book, you'll find a treasure trove of mouthwatering dishes crafted to nurture and balance your hormones naturally. From nutrient-packed breakfast bowls to satisfying dinners and guilt-free snacks these recipes are not just about taste; they're about reclaiming your vitality and finding balance.

7-day Low Carb Diet Recipe Book

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Say goodbye to boring workouts and tasteless diets. My approach is all about having fun while getting results.

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